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Every young man wanted to look courageous and show the strength of his own  muscles. With the advent of steroids, this has become possible, their purpose  is to increase physical activity and build muscle mass. They are usually used  by bodybuilders and young athletes who need a sharp increase in weight.


Do  not forget about the external effect that steroids have. The body becomes  attractive to the opposite sex. At the moment, more than a hundred different  types of steroids are known in the world, which is present in the form of  tablets or in injectable form. 


Where to find injectable steroids for sale


You can buy testosterone injections for sale from the online store with delivery  from all over the UK. Delivery time of orders is 1-2 working days via Royal mail.  Positive effects  The advantage of taking these types of substances is that there is a large gap  between injections. Most drugs can have a long-lasting effect, so there is no  need for frequent use of the procedure.  They are very individual in their functional effect, so everyone can choose a  product at their own discretion.  They do not have a detrimental effect on the functioning of the liver.  


Side effects:  

  • The injections are quite painful and cause some inconvenience to the user;  

  • Injections are easy to detect during the doping test.  

Combination of injectable steroids  

Every athlete who takes injectable steroids is aware that they must be used  in combination with other drugs. So, for example, many courses include the  drug Nandrolone Decanoate or Phenylpropionate. But it should not be used in  conjunction with Equipoise (Boldenone). To maintain the liver,  hepatoprotectors are used. These are drugs: phosphogliv, phosphoncial.  Sometimes it is worth taking Anastrozole to reduce the androgenic effects of  Sustandrol (Sustamed).  

Taking injectable and tableted steroids  

The effective combination involves the use of androgenic substances with drugs  that have an anabolic effect. These drugs include Methandrostenolone,  Stanozolol, Oxandrolone. The androgenic group includes Testosterone  (Propionate, Cypionate, Enanthate) and Oxymetholone. This combination is  currently the most effective and popular.  

PCT after  courses  After completing steroid use, the athlete is faced with the challenge of  minimizing muscle loss and restoring testosterone levels. It is recommended  to use the following drugs for this:  Letrozole or Anastrozol.  Dostinex. Tamoxifen citrate. All injectable steroids for sale can be found in the catalog of our store. Free consultation on taking injectable and pill steroids on the website in  the lower right corner. We will draw up a course and select combinations of  steroids for your goals. Feel free to ask questions if you are considering to buy injectable anabolic steroids.

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