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The safe steroid is a topic that I have wanted to talk to you about for a very long  time. When in chat rooms, bodybuilding forums, we hear the phrase: the safest steroid that comes to your mind?


Do many people immediately remember  oxandrolone, turinabol, Primobolan, do they? The information in the article is  provided for informational purposes only, I do not call for action.  Let's take a closer look at what is a safe steroid for us. l let you know  right away - there are no safe steroids.


Any pharmacological drug (I am  talking about anabolic steroids and androgens) to one degree or another  affects our health: directly, on the hormonal system, interfering with its system. 

The liver also suffers to one degree or another (depending  on the type of steroid), this can be seen by an increase in the level of  liver enzymes.  


 Oxandrolone is considered the safest steroid, as it is used for medical  purposes. It brings quite good results for both men and women. But when does  drug safety end? It is at that moment when you start to approach the use of  steroids illiterately, having no idea about the work of this or that  anabolic. For example, I am enclosing analyzes of a 27-year-old man who used  Anavar solo for six weeks, respectively, without post-cycle therapy.  

Anavar solo  


Analysis results after using anavar solo. The tests were handed over 2 months  after the end of the course.


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Safe steroids: turinabol, stanozolol, oxandrolone

Anabolic steroids list of the safest combinations  Consider a steroid course, for example, for mass. Incoming data: there is a  young man 24 years old, height 170 cm, body weight 70 kg, the fat percentage not  more than 20. Engaged in bodybuilding from 20 years old. Has no hereditary  diseases, has excellent analyzes. What does the guy do, he looks in a search  engine for the phrase: how to take steroids safely, the safest steroid to buy and adds his own region, let's say that he lives in London.


He finds a website, buys oxandrolone,  turinabol, methane solo on it at the suggestion of an illiterate consultant.  Steroids come to him (or do not come) depending on the honest work of the  online store, then the course begins.  Methane and stanozolol solo  The first two weeks he progresses because his own testosterone levels are  still high enough, plus he added a synthetic version of testosterone in the  form of an anabolic pill. What happens next? Right, his endogenous  testosterone begins to decline rapidly and the athlete, instead of  progression feels regression: loss of strength decreased libido and other  side effects.  Safe steroids: turinabol, stanozolol, oxandrolone.  


How I see the safety of the above steroids. We add testosterone to any of  them. Testosterone tablets or injectable form (testosterone propionate or  other esters). Having previously passed tests for sex hormones, a complete  blood count is a minimum list. We discuss this issue in more detail at the  stage of individual consultations. It is enough to use testosterone in  minimal dosages in order for it to perform a number of important functions in    your body. In this case, you will get good progress, move your muscle mass  off the ground, get good relief (taking into account proper nutrition),  increase strength and endurance.  


Be sure to get tested on the course of steroids, correct them in a timely  manner, because not only the quality of the muscle mass you want to get  depends on this, but also the appearance of various side effects. And you can  then fight side effects for a long time, our organisms differ from each other  and ailments, sometimes, we endure in different ways.  It will be turinabol, stanozolol, oxandrolone - they will equally crush your  own testosterone level and the safety of the steroid, in which case it will  already lose its value, bringing the other side of the coin.


Do not be fooled  by the tricks of unscrupulous sellers. I repeat: any competent course is  testosterone + anabolic (methane, turinabol, etc.). An analog of this  course is Andriol and anabolic (stanozolol, oxandrolone, etc.). Be sure to  read my article on steroid-free mass gain, where I explain in stages why you  are unable to gain muscle mass.  Anabolic steroids list of the safest combinations  Turinabol and Testosterone Propionate.


Testosterone propionate is used at 100  mg every other day, turinabol at least 30 mg per day. Additional drugs on the  course: anastrozole, cabergoline, hCG (optional if you want to increase the  duration of the course). On PCT: clomiphene citrate (pharmaceutical analog:  clostilbegit).


The same applies to other drugs: stanozolol, methane,  oxandrolone. If you are afraid of frequent injections, testosterone  propionate can be replaced with ester enanthate, in which case testosterone  enanthate.  Who is too lazy to think, I have a good course in store for you, both for a  beginner and for experienced athletes: testosterone propionate and  stanozolol.


In this article, I describe not only the effects that can be  expected from the use of these steroids, but also the amount of all drugs  needed to make a basket.  For those who are still afraid of injections, including steroids themselves, and even still thinking is anavar safe or not. 

There is an excellent option for a beginner: clomid and proviron, we read  about this bundle here. This is a very good combination for increasing  testosterone, increasing muscle mass, progress in strength and endurance,  this course does not require recovery, since we use clomiphene for the entire  duration of the cycle. Clomiphene is an immediate remedy.


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